Sunday, May 8, 2011

40k Data File Location

I posted a data file for the Android app Army Creator Mobile on The link is below. The reason I choose 4shared is because it is free file hosting and there is a free Android app available that allows for easy downloading of the file to your phone so that you can move it to the correct folder. You can also download onto your computer and move the file via USB connection or open the link in your phone's browser and download there.

Please note that the file is currently missing Black Templars, Dark Angels and Witch Hunters. Hopefully this will be added in the next month or two to complete the main 40k library.

You MUST start up Army Creator Mobile at least once before following these steps as the folder structure is created then. So the steps to use are below. Note you only need to do one of these methods. You do not need to do all 3.

Method 1 - Computer Transfer
1) Download the file to your computer
2) Connect your phone via USB.
3) Once connected, select the option in the notification bar to copy files to and from your phone.
4) Select the button "Turn on USB Storage"
5) Navigate to the phone on your computer and go to ArmyCreatorMobile/GameFiles
6) Copy the xml file into this folder.
7) Once you disconnect your phone, launch Army Creator Mobile and you should see the file in your game list.

Method 2 - 4shared App
1) Download the "4shared mobile" app from the Android Market. There are a couple of 4shared apps available, but this one is a separate interface for the phone that has a couple of extra features that make it easier to transfer. Some of the reviews say it force closes a lot, but I haven't had any issues with it on my Droid 1.
2) Open the app and search for "acm40k.xml".
3) Download the file.
4) Once completed, open the downloads page in 4shared (should be a link in the notification bar).
5) Do a long click on the file (press and hold) and select "Export"
6) Select the folder ArmyCreatorMobile, then do a long click (press and hold again) on GameFiles. Then select "Copy" or "Move".
7) Launch Army Creator Mobile and you should see the file in your game list.

Method 3 - Android Browser
1) Open the link above in the web browser.
2) Select the download link to download to your sdcard's Downloads folder.
3) Use a file explorer app (like Astro) to move the file to sdcard/ArmyCreatorMobile/GameFiles.
4) Launch Army Creator Mobile and you should see the file in your game list.