Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Data File Update - Necrons Arrive

I've uploaded an update to include the new Necron codex. This is the only change in the data file for Army Creator Mobile. As in the past, see prior posts for detailed instructions on moving the data file to your device. The link for the new file is here:


Please report in comments or in email (kyler1912@gmail.com) any bugs that you find for any army.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work on this!

  2. Love your app, really useful and it's great how quickly the files are updated!

    Just thought I'd say, Chaos Sorcerers can't be given two powers even with a familiar, and harlequins can't have sub-units to give fusion pistols to without giving them kisses as well.

    (Or at least I can't seem to figure out how to.)

  3. Oh, also when you buy a Spiritseer instead of a Warlock, they don't cost any more points.

  4. Thanks for those bug reports. I have verified those and will them in the next couple of days (I need to double check the codex on the Sorcerer powers). I also forgot about the Lemartes bug reported earlier and will make that change as well.