Monday, May 14, 2012

More Updates for Army Creator Mobile Data File

It has been a while since the last update to the data file. Thanks to those who have sent in comments on bugs that were in the data file. I have posted a new one at the following link:

If you are a new user or just need a refresher, please see my original post on how to get the file on your device for use with the Army Creator Mobile app.

You can find the app on Google Play here.

Summary of the changes made:

-Warlocks now do not appear in the HQ list until you select a Farseer. Then when adding Warlocks, they do not add to the composition cost for HQ. This was done in this manner due to the need of having a minimum of 3 Warlocks in the unit.
-Harlequins now have a limit of 10 subunits and the regular Harlequins can be added multiple times for different loadouts

Space Wolves
-Thunderwolf Cavalry now can take Melta Bombs and one rider can have the Mark of the Wulfen.
-Land Speeder Tornadoes and Typhoons now have the base weapon in the first weapon slot and the upgrade weapon in the second weapon slot. Previously the file only had the upgrade weapon in the first weapon slot.

-Pathfinder Shas'ui points have been corrected to 22pts.
-Krootox Rider and Kroot Hound base weapons have been corrected.

Chaos Daemons
-Bloodthirster's Unholy Might cost is corrected to 20pts.

-Tervigon now appears as a Troop choice when Termagaunts are selected and not when Hormagaunts are selected.


  1. Awesome! Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. You REALLY need to go through guardsmens list.
    The heavy weapons team can be seperate heavy weapons, they don't all have to be the same. The special weapons has a slight bug that tells me if I take them all flamers, the cost is 51 (its actually 50) and the last thing I've noticed so far is that it won't let me take a plasma cannon on an armoured sentinel.
    Also, I'm gonna have to double check it, but I believe all veterans in a veteran squad can have shotguns, not just the sargent.
    If I find anything else, I'll let you know
    -a regular guardsmen player

  3. 1. Veterans can carry shotguns, pg 98 in codex
    2. May only have one heavy weapons team in the squads other than heavy weapons squad
    3. Cannot take a regimental standard if you have Kell, pg 91 in codex
    4. The system let's you take multiple of the same unique charicters (marbo, creed, kell, etc)
    5. In command units, forces you to choose between lasguns and laspistols when it is actually a pick and choose by model option
    6. For platoon sargents and commisars, you must choose between a power weapon and a plasma pistol, may not have both
    7. There is a max number of platoon command squads, infantry squads, heavy weapons squads, special weapons squads and conscripts you may take in a single platoon. Your system has no limits on atleast conscripts in a platoon. The list is on page 96 at the top
    8. In the vehicle squads, all of the squad may take the available upgrades and be mixed and matched (ex. 1 hellhound, 1 devil dog and 1 bane wolf may be in the same squad as one fast attack choice, and the devil dog can have a dozer blade while the other two have extra armor, and they all have searchlights)

    I only got to the hellhound squadron, but I think you get the idea by now. Your system is great, and I've been loving it. It just so happens that your guardsmen list is, to put it politely, fucked up

    -a regular guardsmen player

    1. Sorry for not replying earlier, I was out of town without much access to the web that I didn't have to pay for. I appreciate the comments as I hadn't received any on the IG list to date. One thing that I believe you should look at that will fix a lot of your issues (I assume there are more like it with your last comment), is to "Add Sub Unit" to either "upgrade" or add another of the same type so that you can customize.

      For example, you add a Hellhound Squadron. This will add 1 Hellhound in the entry. The unit is limited to 3 in the squad, but you can either change unit size to 3 if you have the same Hellhound, or you can select the first option, "Add Sub Unit" and then select another Hellhound. You can then customize each of them to have different loadouts. The app will still limit you to 3 total Hellhound type vehicles (this allows for mixed units of Hellhounds, Devil Dogs and Bane Wolves as well).

      This also applies to units that have a fixed number in the unit, like all of the infantry squads. Heavy Weapons teams must have 3 and only 3 in a unit. So since the app will not let you add a subunit that would make it 4 before changing the size of the original addition to 2, the app gives you the "upgrade" option. This is meant more for upgrading to a leader in a unit for some other armies, but does the job here. The upgrade adds the sub unit while decreasing the original sub unit by 1, to which you can customize each sub unit with different weapons.

      So here are my responses to your comments:
      1. Agree
      2. Not true. See example above with regards to "upgrading".
      3. Agree
      4. Limitation of the app. This happens in all armies. You will need to self police this until updated.
      5. Agree (will end up being like the heavy weapons team with "upgrading")
      6. I assume you are referring to the options in the infantry squads on pg 97. I disagree. The codex states they "may exchange his pistol and/or close-combat weapon for", which implies you can swap both. This would allow for choosing both a power weapon and plasma pistol. Let me know if you still feel differently or if this is ruled like you said elsewhere.
      7. Again, another limitation of the app. The app does not restrict on number of given units for any army. Until that is updated, you have to self police this.
      8. See my example above for the Hellhounds. This would apply for all vehicle units

      Also from your first comment on the special weapons squad, you will notice that if you take any of of the weapons it is one point higher. The data file requires a model points cost, even for those with a set amount of points for the unit. 6 models for 35 points does not divide evenly. So these are coded currently as 6 points/model, which is 36 (one point higher). I will change this to have 2 subunits, 1 with 5 models at 6 points and another with 1 model at 5 points. I might try to see if I can force in the fact that 3 of them must have a special weapon, but not sure it will work. This will look weird, but at least the points will be correct.

      Again, thanks for commenting. I have received comments on some armies but not all and any given are a help to everyone using the app. There are a few changes I will make and hopefully I will get that up in the next week or two.

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